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Blue skies lite

Don't buy this app worst game in the whole universe

Good game

Fun. Additive.



Good, but could be better

Needs more features

Good, not great

Great game!! But I wish I was able to fly more planes and more weapons. I'd get the next update is more planes were included.

The want to charge for weapons !!

Okay, it's a free game and it's pretty fun and I'd pay a buck for it (not $3) but I'd be really bummed out if they tried to charge me for little features here and there. I'll buy the full version when it comes down in price and if there are no hidden costs.

One of the best apps to have

Excellent game, please let us pilot the other planes in the next update. Its very simple to play this game and excellent graphics too. Also it would be nice to create a game with tanks only because the tanks look cool. i'll buy full game soon


This is what I call a real LITE version! You can actually realize whether you like the game or not, unlike most of the stupid lite version, and this game is just great... TOTALLY RECOMMENDED! I'll buy the full version...

Great game

Nice game!!!!

Great game; plenty of fun action on the lite version

One of my favorite iPhone games.

Great for quick fun

Will Probably get the full version. I really like playing the lite version at all three levels of difficulty.

very entertaining

at first i couldn't figure out how to control the helicopter, but after 3 minutes i was breezing away and shooting targets. there's a "Metal Slug" tone to the cutscenes and characters (not the gameplay, though), which gives everything a fun, cheesy tone. the chopter controls like one assume a chopter would, so don't expect to do fast turns. you pass by a landing pad or an enemy, you have to make a wide turn so you can aim again. good stuff.

The last level

Is epic


Good app I just wish they would give you more money when u explode a tank. And it's hard to get the aim right on the game they need to fix it to were it locks on to the enemy.


Great !!!!can not believe it is free!!

awesome game!!!

I dont know why this game doesn't have better ratings. Its fun, addicting, has lots of levels, and it saves your progress so you can stop and come back to it later to finish up the level you were on. the control is great! the music is awesome, you can't ask for much more from a free app! I'll definately be buying the full version!! thanks for a great app!!!


awesome game+free. needs more levels for lite version, though!

Spetacular game!

Wow! Those graphics totally rock! Congratulations for such an amazing game. Nice job!

This game is awesome.....seriously!

One of the best games I've seen yet!


This app looks dumb,but it rocks!And if u like this app try fieldrunners.20 times better!

Very fun

Fun game, good controls, worth downloading!


It is awesome

Makers,quit reviewing on here! We so can tell

I downloaded this game with high expectations of an awesome airforce game. But, no. This game is incredibly unrealistic, not to mention boring, and left me dissapointed. But, I was impressed with rocking pocket games ifishing. That game is so great that it even keeps my hyper brother entertained. oh, and by the way, if you helped with any bit of the creation of this game, please do not write reviews. Leave it to the people who don't have "oh I worked so hard, these people better love it" on their mind. the graphics are great, and the idea is awesome, I hope more military apps come out in the app store.

Very Fun!

Crashed the first time I ran it, right after the extremely loud annoying and unnecesary splash screen. After a reboot it ran fine. Gameplay is great, thinking about buying full version.


the game is ok and the controlls are fun. i would give 4 stars, but because the makers write their own reviews, its 3. crashed before i cleared some space also.

Awesome Game

This game is really funn a little repetitive though. 3 things that could be better: 1. Be able to calibrate the sensor so that you don't have to be looking down and over the screen all the time. 2. Be ableto play your own music. 3. Mutiplayer would make this game ten times better, over wifi and with the new 3.0 peer to peer gaming Overall it's alot of fun and worth the download.... I'm gettin the full version for sure

Great Game

Had no problems w/installing the game works great on my IPhone 3G. At first I hesitated about getting the game even though it's free bcuz of some of the reviews but I am glad I got it cuz it's pretty cool n I've played many really great games w/sum awsome graphics. I recommend it the only thing you need to get use to is controlling it but after a couple of tries u will not have any issues

Cool app

Awesome game! But I can't find ifishing?

Totally impressed with the game

The first time I downloaded this game I thought it was just gonna be like any other games. Well I was pretty darn wrong. The gameplay is well beyond my expectations. The controls feel very smooth and very very natural. It's seriously feel like controlling your own chopper! 5 stars for this game! I'm gonna download the full version soon!

Fun... BUT

Very repetitive. Also, the last demo mission gives u level 5 gun and bombs with 150+ enemies and rain. After beating that it left me thinking I have seen it all and now I definitely won't be buying the full version.

Lot's of fun but...

Where is the full version? What happened? Weird 

get what you dont pay for

This game was a great time killer as i waited around in lobbies. I enjoyed it alot and got as far as i could go for free. Great game to sit back and play!

Ilegal copy?

I paid for the full version a while ago and now it tells me that I have an ilegal copy. What's going on?


I get the same error message after the latest update. Whats going on?


I have the full version and it says that I have an illegal copy of it! Why is this happening?????? It says this on level 9.

Good game...

...but IMO not enough to buy the full version.


This game is one of those games if u were in ur boring algebra class, and u wanted to kill some time while having fun at the same time. Its even more fun than throwing thumb tacks at ur teacher or shining a laser in her face. Its just a pretty awsome game. Thats free!


¡Best app ever!

best free app ever!!!!!!!!!

without doubt the best free app. totally worth the download. you will love it!!


Not worth downloading waste of money

Not worth it

It's really not worth it at all you will delete it

Played it and it seems great in theory but... It just wasn't that fun. It got tedious and monotonous very fast.

Great game

Love it. Now I never get any work done


Best game that I have ever played on a hand held device.


Excellent lite version with strong gameplay.

not bad

is this better than armaghedon squadron force

I'm downloading the full v. As I type!

It's a great, fun game that I found myself playing for hours, even when I finished it I went back and played it again. Happy birthday, developer!!! (:

Best free game

I think this the best free game cause it uses the iPhone to the max. Uses the leveling device the graphics and the sound. You learn a new skill as the game progresses. By the way, it is fun too.


This game is for IDIOTS

Great gameplay

its a great app with an amazing free edition. cool game, but a little hard to play in a car, bus, etc. oberall amazing game!!!

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